A little about me

A friend of mine often signs his emails with a short "keep the brush wet..." I try to keep that in mind when I paint. And I think it expresses what I love most about watercolour. When the brush is really wet, when the washes are flowing, when pigment is mixing on paper in ways that surprise me — that's a happy day. Someone handed me a watercolour brush when I was in my teens, and except for a brief experiment with acrylics and an even briefer one with oils, watercolour keeps pulling me back.

Every time I put a brush to paper I learn something new, and that keeps me painting. Whether it's in my Montreal neighbourhood or in my travels, it's always a good day when I can get a bit of watercolour in.

I was fortunate to spend some summers in Maine studying with Edgar A. Whitney, and I don't think I could talk about painting without giving a nod to this great master of watercolour. The elements and principles of design that he taught — in his entertaining and often emphatic way — come back to me when composing a painting or a sketch, even after many years. That's the mark of a truly remarkable teacher, isn't it?